• Pinelo Academic Reserch Center (PARC) aims to provide multinational platforms for academics and researches who have been studying in fine arts and humanities. The second symposium of the series is centred on cinema, visual and plastic arts. It will focus on the fields of cinema, photography and plastic arts under the general theme titled as “Interdisciplinarity in Arts”.  
    “Interdisciplinarity in Arts” Symposiums that will be held in various cities in the world during the year 2017, invites academicians and researches to think and discuss on cinema and its relationships with the other disciplines.
    Prospective presenters will have the opportunity to submit proposals for papers and posters both in English and Turkish. The complete papers of presentations should be in English and selected papers will be published in Symposium Proceedings e-Book with an ISBN number after a double-blind peer review process.
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    For the detailed information about International Interdisciplinarity in the Arts Symposium II: Cinema / Photography / Plastic Arts which will be held in Crete between 13rd and 14th October, please click the logo above.